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A market with more than 700 years of history

The earliest remnants of the market are believed to date back to the Islamic era, as Sineu stood out as an important agricultural area, and the market was a center for a weekly gathering of what the Arabs called “Suq al-arba’a.” This turned Sineu into a thriving town, where merchants, traders, and artisans, with a large line of Muslim gardeners, gathered for the exchange of goods.

The consolidation of the weekly market dates back from the Christian conquest of Mallorca and in the year 1306 King Jaume II of Mallorca issued the privilege of the Mercadal, which consolidated and protected the market of Sineu. Sixty years later, in 1366, King Peter the Ceremonious confirmed this market privilege.

It was a market with all kinds of food products, livestock, tools, clothes, household utensils, seasonal products or products imported from far away.

If Wednesdays are ordinary markets, the most important market is the May fair. This event is celebrated on the first Sunday of this month according to the privilege granted by King Sancho, possibly in 1318.

Two other fairs were held annually, the fair of August, on the third Sunday of the month, for the sale of standing stairs and baskets; and the St. Thomas Fair, at the end of December, when murtons, olives and acorns, shepherds and nativity scenes were dispatched.

Commitment to proximity:

In the Sineu market you will find local, local and seasonal products obtaining the highest quality. In addition, buying here will help improve the economy of the area. Here you will find a close relationship with the seller thanks to proper trestment they will have with you.

During the Islamic era, Sineu was already a town of some importance, which is why the market was set up there. The narrow, cluttered alleys of the village center are a clear example of the town’s history. It also shows the different systems related to the use and management of water in the Islamic era.

Sineu is a town with a rich idiosyncrasy, based on its splendid past and love for festivals and traditions. If we were to highlight anything, we would be forced to talk about the well-known Wednesday market; of the fair of May, the Easter and the patron saint’s festivities.

If there is one thing that stands out about Sineu, it is its commercial activity. As we have seen, it began in the Islamic era with the establishment of the Wednesday market and was consolidated with the privileges of the Christian kings. This is still very much present today thanks to the market but to the commercial establishments that open daily in the municipality.

Gastronomy is synonymous with local culture, tradition and customs. And we could say that Sineu is a clear example of Mallorcan gastronomy, which offers very varied and different proposals at each season of the year. However, if we had to highlight three items, we would have to talk about snails, “frit” (slaughter fry-up) and “garrovetes del papa” (sweet buiscuit).